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The CoyoteZapper is designed to work with the CoyoteVest. It does not work with the SpikeVest. The CoyoteVest is sold separately. Small & Med sizes only - Must be the same size as the CoyoteVest. *** 3-5 Day Processing Time to make the CoyoteZapper (not including shipping time).

 The CoyoteVest is designed to help protect your dog during a surprise attack and give you enough time to react, but there is still a chance a coyote might pick up your dog and run away with it before you can intervene. Or your dog might be attacked by an aggressive dog that refuses to let go no matter what you do.

​To help prevent these nightmare scenarios we developed one final line of defense called the CoyoteZapper. This radio controlled device gives you the power to push a button and force an attacker to release your dog right now! 

The newest trick in the book!

​The CoyoteZapper utilizes a dog training collar capable of delivering a painful electric shock. But instead of shocking your dog in the neck, it shocks the attacker in the mouth. 

It works by attaching strips of electrically conductive fabric along the length of the vest and connecting them to the shock module. ​These "zapper strips" are attached to either side of the vest in such a way that if a coyote or aggressive dog bites -- their mouth will likely touch them. If that happens you can push a button on a remote control and high voltage will be directed though the zapper strips directly into the mouth of the attacker.

The shock is harmless, but painful enough to make the attacker let go. You can adjust the intensity of the shock from 1 to 100. A low power shock is perfect when you want to gently teach a larger dog that biting your small dog is unacceptable. A high power shock literally sends a powerful message -- let go and never do that again!

Click Here to watch a video demonstration of the CoyoteZapper.

The CoyoteZapper is installed on a CoyoteVest by replacing the standard spike strips with new zapper strips that are available with or without spikes. The standard collar is replaced with a new one that holds and insulates the shock module and ensures that your dog never feels the shock.  

Please Note:

The CoyoteZapper is designed to work with the CoyoteVest. It does not work with the SpikeVest.  

The CoyoteVest is sold separately. The CoyoteZapper includes the shock module, remote control, a new collar, and zapper strips for the back and collar -- it does not include the CoyoteVest. 

Dog training collars have been around for a long time and the current technology is very good. The system we use has a small remote with a 300m range that can control one or two different shock modules simultaneously. Both the remote and the shock module are rechargeable with the included USB charger (USA plug). 

Sizing Chart 

CoyoteVest CoyoteZapper Neck
Medium Medium 12" - 16"
Small Small 8" - 12"