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The CoyoteVest is similar to a Kevlar® vest that a soldier might wear. It does not protect all of the body or guarantee survival, but it does increase the chances of survival and might be the difference between life and death. The CoyoteVest is designed to be comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off because the most important thing is that your dog is wearing it when it is needed.

Does it work?

The CoyoteVest protects your dog's neck with an array of 1" spikes. The removable spikes are mounted on a flexible collar that is reinforced with Kevlar®. The long collar and formidable array of spikes covers all of your dog's neck and makes it very difficult for a predator or another dog to bite your dog on the back of the neck. 

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The CoyoteVest includes a set of CoyoteSpikes that protect your dog's back with two rows of 1" spikes. They make it very difficult for a predator to lift your dog and run away with it. If a predator tries to clamp down on your dog the CoyoteSpikes will bite back! 

The spikes are made from chrome plated hard plastic (metal spikes would be too heavy). The spikes are not razor sharp but they are sharp enough to hurt if you apply a lot of pressure and they play a key role in protecting your dog from predators and aggressive dogs. We don't recommend using the spikes when your dog is wrestling with other dogs or children because there is always a possibility someone could get accidentally poked. And if your dog likes to rub against your shiny new car it may get scratched. Velcro makes it easy to remove the spikes whenever you don't want them.

The third thing the CoyoteVest does is cover your dog with a puncture resistant layer of Kevlar® reinforced ballistic nylon body armor that can resist sharp canine teeth. The stab-resistant Kevlar® side panels cover the areas of your dog that are at most risk when a larger animal attacks and buys you some time to break up the attack. It will always be up to you, the owner, to stop the attack. If the CoyoteVest has done its job your dog's vital organs will not have sustained puncture wounds from the attacker's canine teeth.

Please watch our K9 testing video to see just how tough the CoyoteVest is.

Even though the CoyoteVest is extremely difficult to puncture, it is comfortable for your dog to wear. The flexible fabric is water repellent but can hold some moisture for a while if it is worn in the water. There are no metal parts used in the CoyoteVest so there is nothing that can rust. The vest is hand-washable with a mild detergent.

The CoyoteVest is easy to put on and take off with two quick-release buckles. The adjustable waist belt and adjustable collar can accommodate a variety of dog sizes and shapes. The standard black nylon collar can be replaced with your own collar if you prefer or if the collar is too tight after adjusting.

The vest also has reflective features that help make your dog more visible at night. 

Choosing a Size

Ordering the wrong size vest is frustrating so we want to help you choose the correct size on your first try! It's really easy -- the most important thing is the length of your dog's back. The collar and the waist are very adjustable but if you order a vest that is longer or shorter than the length of your dogs back it will not fit properly. 

So all you have to do is measure the length of the back from the base of the neck to the start of the tail -- make sure the dog is standing up and not sitting. 

Once you know the length choose the correct size vest from this chart:

Sizing Guide

If your dog's back length falls right on the boundary between two sizes:

  • Choose the smaller size if your dog is thin. 
  • Choose the larger size if your dog is heavier or has a thick neck.


*XS, XXS vests have 1 row of collar spikes.

Avoid, Prevent, and Stop

The fourth thing the CoyoteVest does is to provide a platform where various countermeasures can be attached:

Not sure if you want the original CoyoteVest or the new SpikeVest? - click here to read our comparison guide.

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