Designed to Protect

The purpose of the CoyoteVest is to slow down or prevent a surprise attack and give the owner enough time to react before serious injury occurs.

The unusual appearance of the CoyoteVest is intended to encourage predators to look for easier prey. Bright nylon bristles and a formidable array of shiny spikes defend the back and the neck - making it very difficult for a coyote or aggressive dog to bite down. The regions at most risk are covered with a layer of stab-resistant Kevlar that can withstand sharp canine teeth. More Kevlar can be added to defend against birds of prey.

Endorsed by veterinarians

Veterinarians around the world endorse and use the CoyoteVest for their own dogs.

Lightweight and comfortable

The CoyoteVest doesn't slow your dog down or impair their ability to run and play. It's easy to take on and off.

Stylish and bright colors

The CoyoteVest is available in yellow, red, pink, blue, tan, or turquoise. We make protection look good.

Optional Accessories

The highly visible CoyoteWhiskers and the sturdy HawkShield add essential protection for dangerous predators. 

How it Works


Stab-resistant Kevlar panels and removable spikes on the collar and the back.


Removable spikes and all-around  stab-resistant protection for dogs and cats.


Bright nylon bristles on the back of the vest make predators think twice before attacking.


Three layers of Kevlar defend against sharp talons and provide a chance to escape.

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Trusted by Thousands

Best protection for small dogs from coyote and dog attacks. Great fit! I highly recommend Coyote Vest! The company really cares and the quality is amazing!

- Lisa Licavoli

Great product, great people. Highly recommend this product. They truly care about quality and customer satisfaction.

- Suzanne Schaefer

I LOVE this vest I got for Carlos! He doesn't even know he's wearing it. Very light and doesn't make him hot in this heat! I love the collar too because i feel confident he can wear that 24/7... I know its working because it keeps my other dog from striking out to him on occasion!!!!

- Jaye Davidson

The vest was well made and easy to put on my dog. I had measured my dog according to the directions and when it arrived it fit my dog perfectly. There have been large coyotes in our neighborhood killing pets recently so now I can feel more relaxed when I let my dog out in our backyard with her vest on.

- Marilyn Mitchell

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Safe Dogs

Is your dog safe?

On September 2nd 2014 our sweet little dog Buffy was taken by a coyote right in front of us, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Before we realized what was happening a coyote had grabbed her by the neck, shook the life out of her, and was carrying her away full speed into heavy brush. We never saw Buffy again. Since that day we have been focused on developing products that can help protect other dogs from a similar attack. If we can help save one life we know we have made a difference to that family.