Customer Reviews

Cosi Bear
Here is our Cosi Bear looking fierce!  We call her Dances With Coyotes!
Thank you for this great product!

- Nancy (Woodside, CA)


Kupcake loving her vest! And her mom slowly regaining her peace of mind 3 years next month from losing her mate,Chewbacca, to a coyote behind a bush 5 minutes into our daily dogwalk despite being accompanied by me, my husband and 3 other dogs whose combined weight exceeds 300 lbs! 

- Colleen (Blue Canyon, CA)


Here's Ruby on our first walk since she was attacked by a large dog seven weeks ago. She lost her spleen and almost lost her life, but she didn't loose her spunky spirit. Now I feel safe walking her again. Thanks CoyoteVest! 

- Delane (Faribault, MN)

Sophia Bella

Sophia Bella's vest and shield arrived just in time for Christmas!! She is a 5 1/2 pound Yorkie Poo and we live near a Hawks are everywhere! I'm thinking of getting one for our 15 pound Jack Rat Petey! 

- Denise (Houston, TX)


This is Jazz in his new Coyote Vest. A couple of days ago, it saved him from being hurt by a very large dog that figured he should maul small dogs at an off leash park. He left with a bleeding tongue and a wiser owner.

Just arrived this morning, so we put it on and went to the dog park. It fits very well, is incredibly light without the electronics and rode well as he played with his friends. I know you sent me an email about installing the electronic strips etc. I will look that up tonight. Very nice product. A number of people asked me where I got it and I will continue to direct them your way, I hope you get at least a few more sales to Canada from these folks.

- Kerry (Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada)

Maverick and Sierra

Our Havanese, Maverick and Sierra, are now ready for their walks in a town where coyotes are seen daily in all of the neighborhoods. Thank you, CoyoteVest staff for prompt, efficient service -- and for your compassionate and caring attitude. 

- Peggy (Scottsdale, AZ)

Coyote Attack Survivor

Got our coyote vest in the mail today. My dog was attacked by a coyote. She was badly injured and is now almost fully recovered. I feel so much better knowing she has this on now. Thank you!

- Rachelle (Redmond, WA)

Just bought the vest for my hotdog so he doesn't become a coyote snack. As you can see he is looking very handsome. We both love it!

- Mariel (Eastham, MA)

Fearless Bob

Don't mess with Bob! 

- Kristin (Rochester, NY)

Zoey Ventura California

Zoey was not happy the first time she put on her CoyoteVest. But, it didn't take long for her to rock it!

- Cindy (Ventura County, CA)

Punk Rock Poodle

Buddy is enjoying his life as a punk rock poodle! He is the hit of the neighborhood. The vest is so lightweight and fits him so well. He can do anything with the vest on that he can do with the vest off.

Roberta (La Mesa, CA)

We received our coyotevest yesterday. For us, it's more for hawk protection than coyotes. This coat is awesome! It allows [Elsa] freedom to go with the big dogs for a romp around our property for short periods of time safely. Thanks!!! Love it!!!

Liz (Austin, TX)

Otis in Easy Spikes

This is a good company to deal with. They stand behind their product.
Otis looks sharp in his coyote collar and I have some piece of mind I have taken steps to protect him.

- Nancy (Lake Havasu  City, AZ)

Drover the mini Aussie pictured never goes into the woods without his vest on. I feel so much better doing all I can to protect him.

Joan & George (Port Orchard, WA)


This is Gracie from Madison, WI. We got the vest tonight and are so happy with it. Thank you! 

- Christine (Madison, WI)

*Check out Christine's original interview with Gracie HERE*


Thank you CoyoteVest! Walter is getting used to his new protective gear after a run in with a coyote that landed him in surgery a month ago.

Emily (Torrance, CA)

Misha and Bella

Misha and Bella feeling more protected now from the bad guys. They have coyote collars too for the front of their necks.

Jenn (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)

Buddy the Westie and Bon Bon the Lhasa

Buddy and Bon Bon LOVE their beautiful vests! Don't they look marvelous?!?!?!?!

- Joanne (Corona del Mar, CA)


Bella styling in her new CoyoteVest!

Hally (Pittsburgh, PA)

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*Another fun video about Bella and her CoyoteVest HERE*

I'm feeling a lot safer for my buddy Lulu now that we can go out into the Arizona desert with some protection from predators.

James (San Tan Valley, AZ)

Sandy Lou in her CoyoteCollar

 This is our Sandy Lou sporting her new pink CoyoteCollar. We live in the Chicago suburbs but we have coyotes that will walk down the street in broad daylight! Now, we feel safer taking her for walks. It's hard to see it with all of her hair with her winter coat grown in. :) Thank you!

- Cindy (Downers Grove, IL)


Willie loves his new CoyoteVest!

Madison (Clarkston, MI)

Copper San Diego

I am glad we have a CoyoteVest for Cooper. We feel safer for him on his long leash when we walk him in the more rural areas.

- Gary & Linda (Poway, CA)

Extra Protection for Small Dogs

Finally!! Extra protection for small dogs! So excited about our new purchase :):):)

Beth (Denver, CO)

Lizzie The Ranch Dog

Lizzie says thanks. She is ready now for any of [the coyotes] as they are all over the place here in Palo Cedro where she lives and plays on our ranch.

- Circle L Ranch (Palo Cedro, CA)

Coyote and Hawk Protection

Coyote? Hawk? Sister and I laught thanks to our CoyoteVests! #stylin'

- photographed and written with assistance from Erin (Fairview, PA)

Benji The Caped Wonder

Benji wearing his CoyoteVest... Without the spikes on the back, it doubles as a rain coat. Also, he looks like The Caped Wonder.

Kathryn (San Diego, CA)

Chibi at Dog Beach

Chibi was rocking his CoyoteVest at Fiesta Island a couple of weeks ago.

- Linda (Los Angeles, CA)

Madeleine and Jet

Madeleine just declared war on her brother Jet ... I can't wait to see it in action on our hike tomorrow!

- Shannon (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Charlie making friends with critters

Charlie is extra safe in these woods and enjoys watching the springtime baby animals.

- Deb (Lakewood, OH)

Such a great product! I got mine in the mail dog didn't mind wearing it and was still able to play ball without being inhibited. Thank you, from all dog lovers!

- Amanda (Poway, CA)

Toy Poodle

Miss Evelyn's (4lb toy poodle) vest arrived today! We are thrilled thank you!

Robin (Lansing, MI)


Duke sporting his new vest. He enjoyed his first walk after being attacked by two bulldogs.

Gail (Virginia Beach, VA)


Spock has no issues wearing the vest, it is lightweight and doesn't interfere with walking. He does object, however, to Duke pulling him along!

- Gail (Virginia Beach, VA)

Rico Protected from Coyotes

It fits perfectly. After losing a dog to a coyote attack, this brings me extra peace of mind knowing that we have THE BEST product available to protect against coyotes when we are outside. Thank you!

- Monica (Bonita, CA)

Corgi Chihuahua

Here's my Corgi/chihuahua with his vest on and I'm thoroughly satisfied with the look and fit. I do need to order the bristles though.

Michael (San Diego, CA)

Thank you for protecting Maddy! #fierce #madmax #bringit

- Junie (Woodway, WA)


Piper loves her vest!

Leslie (Union, NE)

Buster Ready to Walk

Buster is ready for his walk! Thanks CoyoteVest.

Heather (Santa Cruz, CA)

CoyoteVest fits like a glove

Fits like a glove. She isn't happy but I feel better now! Thanks! This is Darby.

Kathy (Christmas Valley, OR)

Jeter with Hawk Shield

 Jeter rocking his coyote vest w/ hawk shield. :)

Kelly (Fort Worth, TX)

Ava in Playa del Rey

 Playa del Rey is having a rough time with coyotes. Several missing cats, and weekly dog attacks. Ava's an Italian Greyhound, 14 lb, perfect "snack size". Ugh!!!

Thanks to, I'm at ease walking Ava, knowing she's protected. She's diggin' the "punk rock" vibe too!

- Julie (Playa del Rey, CA)