Frequently Asked Questions

Washing and Care Instructions

If the vest gets dirty you can wipe it by hand with water or a mild detergent and lay it out flat to air dry. Do not wash it in a machine!  

The CoyoteVest is made with aramid fibers that are sensitive to UV radiation and will break down over time. To increase the life of the CoyoteVest do not store it in direct sunlight. 

If you remove the CoyoteWhiskers store them carefully so they won't get distorted. We suggest leaving them on the vest and then hanging the vest on the wall with a CoyoteClip.

Do you make them for other animals?

Not specifically, however, if the vest fits -- wear it! 

How does the CoyoteZapper work?

NOTE: The CoyoteZapper is an accessory and attaches to the Small & Medium size CoyoteVest only.  It can not be used with the SpikeVest.

The CoyoteZapper uses a dog training collar that was originally designed to shock your dog in the neck for training purposes. The electrical shock is harmless but painful and is only delivered when you push a button on a wireless remote control. The CoyoteZapper insulates the training collar so that it does not shock your dog on the neck and your dog will feel nothing when you push the button on the remote. Instead, the voltage is directed to electrically conductive cloth rails that are mounted along the length of the vest. Anything that is touching both of the rails at the same time will feel the shock.

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