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Kickin Coyote Butt

What is the biggest threat?

The most common way that coyotes kill is by grabbing their prey around the neck and shaking. This violent action is intended to break the neck of their prey and end the struggle immediately. Similarly, when domestic dogs scuffle they try to gain control of their opponent by going for the neck.

The CoyoteCollar has outrageous 1" battle ready spikes. If a larger dog tries to bite this collar -- it will bite back! The "neck bite/death shake" scenario is off the table.

The oldest trick in the book?

Spiked collars have been used to protect dogs for a very long time. However, most of the collars on the market today are more about style and less about function. We designed the CoyoteCollar to offer both with alternating length spikes and decorative rivets that give it a "don't mess with me" style and "you can't mess with me" functionality.

Protect against neck bites with a CoyoteCollar™

The CoyoteCollar is made with a 1" wide, sturdy leather strap and chrome plated spikes. 

There is a small loop at the top of the collar* for attaching a leash - important so that collar stays upright and the spikes don't tangle in the leash. *Important - If the Spikes spin (gravity) add a washers, spacer or heavier charm to the D Ring by the buckle of the Collar. This will give more weight to keep spikes upright.

Sizing Chart

Collar Size Neck Circumference
Mini 6.5" - 8.75"
Extra Small 8.5" - 10.75"
Small 11" - 13.25"
Medium 12.5 - 15"
Large 15.25" - 18.5"

Measure your dog around the neck. 

*Please Note...These collars are not waterproof.