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Kickin Coyote Butt

What would Mother Nature do?

The best outcome would be that the Kevlar® CoyoteVest never gets tested and your dog never gets bitten. So we looked to nature for inspiration. If Mother Nature wanted to design an animal that was difficult to bite she would give it long quills like a porcupine. For this reason we developed the optional CoyoteWhiskers that are attached to the top of the CoyoteVest with Velcro. 

The nylon CoyoteWhiskers are similar to broom bristles and are super-light; your dog won't even know they are there. They are soft enough that they will not hurt your dog or anyone else they might be playing with, but they are stiff enough to force a larger dog, that attempts to bite your small dog, to close his eyes at the last moment.

Imagine you are a coyote and try biting your dog on the back, you will see just how unpleasant it is to get poked in the face and eyes with nylon bristles. The discomfort should cause the attacker to hesitate and hopefully withdraw. Additionally the contact will be felt through the whiskers giving your dog an early warning to take evasive action.

What would a Coyote think?

In addition to interfering with an attack at the last moment, the whiskers may alter the appearance of your dog just enough to prevent an attack from occurring. In nature animals that have sharp quills generally require special treatment, so a coyote stalking your dog may choose a less risky target.

Mini, XSmall, Small, and Medium CoyoteVests Use The Same CoyoteWhiskers.

Poodle Parade

Just about everyone who sees our dogs wearing the CoyoteWhiskers thinks they look like punk rockers. Even though they are designed to protect they look pretty cool!