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Birds of prey are a serious threat to small dogs. Unlike a coyote that attacks with canine teeth, a raptor uses sharp talons to bring death from above. Once the victim is under control it is carried away to be eaten. We understand what a terrifying scenario this is for small dog owners, so we have designed an accessory for the CoyoteVest that can improve the chances of surviving a bird attack.

(HawkShield ONLY, Vest & Whiskers ordered separately)

The HawkShield is made with three layers of stab-resistant Kevlar® that is lightweight yet extremely difficult to puncture. The shield attaches to the top of the CoyoteVest and covers your dog's back. Our testing shows that the HawkShield is capable of withstanding a violent strike by sharp talons. The goal is to reduce the chances that your dog will be stabbed in the back from the first strike.

You can watch our Kevlar® video demonstration to learn more.

The HawkShield is attached to a CoyoteVest or SpikeVest with just enough Velcro to keep it securely in place while still detaching easily. The idea is that if the bird tries to somehow grab onto the vest, in order to carry your dog away, the first thing they can grab onto is the shield, and as soon as the bird tries to lift your dog the shield will release. The bird gets to keep the shield and you get to keep the dog.

The HawkShield also provides a platform where both physical and visual deterrents can be attached. For example the shield can be covered with CoyoteWhiskers making it difficult for the bird to get close (the picture shows two sets of CoyoteWiskers mounted on the shield).

The HawkShield is very light and does not affect the comfort of the vest or the mobility of your dog.

The HawkShield is available in different sizes, please choose the correct size for your CoyoteVest:  (CoyoteWhiskers are not included).

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